Flipping The Script On First Responder Health and Wellness


It's okay to need help, or want to be better.


It's not okay to show up like everything's fine, while you let your life fall apart in the shadows.


That's the old breed of first responder. The ones who are numb, disconnected, and find themselves resenting anything good because they've become blind to it.


The new breed takes initiative by learning the tools and practices to become sovereign, then pairs it with a level of self awareness that allows them to not only breeze through the hard stuff, but to enjoy the fuck out of their lives.


This is where you'll find the path to get there.


What you won't find is fluff, bullshit, or somebody behind a desk preaching how to be "healthy." Let's be honest, our organizations are trying, but the disconnect is just too big to overcome. 


This is where you can connect, and learn what works from each other.


Lurk as long as you like, there will be tons of useful info and practices in the blog. When you're ready to level up, sign up for the next Nine8 Program or 1/1 package, and show up for your family, co-workers, community and yourself......like you've been waiting to!


Regularly updated blog articles on health, wellness, and mindset for first responders. 


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Flip the script on your organization's current approach to wellness training!