Taking First Responders From Numb and Disconnected, To Switched On and Fulfilled


8 and 12 session packages to radically transform your life and mindset that provide:


True Connection | Freedom From Bad Experiences | Fulfillment In All Aspects of Your Life


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Tired Of Coming Home and Checking Out?

Old Work Calls Still Holding a Charge?

Unable To Recognize All The Good Stuff?

The Job Doesn't Have To Change You.

It Can Recharge You!


I get it, sometimes it's hard. Really fucking hard. Anything you want to do in life will be hard if you don't know how to step away from it. Imagine climbing Mount Everest and then dragging all that shit you carried around with you in a snowsuit for the rest of your life. That would be hard too. Outlandish comparisons aside, the same can be said for our experiences as first responders. Seldom if ever, have you been taught how to detach from that shitty call without numbing or becoming permanently checked out. It's easy to lose sight of what you want to feel like when you just can't see it anymore. 


Working Together You will:

  • Free yourself from the shitty experiences, stories, and self talk that have unknowingly left you stuck
  • Strengthen and transform your relationships
  • Obtain a bulletproof mindset
  • Rewire your patterning to allow you to see and feel how great your life really is
  • Create long term sustainable healthy habits
  • Set and obtain life changing goals
  • Have FUN again!


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"Kyle teaches practices that are sustainable and easy to incorporate into your life. I saw virtually instant results in terms of feeling more calm and balanced, but also more self-aware when my mood was shifting to the negative"

     Trevor - Police officer 

Aside from being a full time police officer, I also have experience working as a Primary Care Paramedic with the BC Ambulance Service and served with a volunteer fire department. I am a certified holistic lifestyle coach, mindset coach, and have mentored under world renowned leaders in mens work, and health and wellness.

My mission is to transform first responder health and wellness from the current fear based and reactive approach, to one that is both empowered and proactive.  

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We identify where you are at, and build your unique package based off your specific needs and schedule.

Step 3

You feel light, reconnected, and fully switched on. Welcome to the life you've been waiting to live!

"I now have the tools to be more resilient and engaged with my family"

      Daniel - Paramedic


With today's "mental health focus" from our organizations it's easy to feel like a victim of the stigma, or that whatever your challenges are can't be nearly as bad as that other person's. 

It can make you believe that you're "broken".

So what do you do to feel better? To get out of that stuck and numbed out place? To "fix" yourself? Schedule a therapy appointment for weeks away from the time you really need it with someone you're not comfortable with and doesn't know what it's like? 

No thanks.

Follow the advice you get bombarded with in newsletters to meditate and journal your way to better mental health? 

Ha! No fucking thank you!

Do you know why those approaches don't work? Because they don't take into account the stories, self talk, and poor patterns that got you stuck in the first place. It's like building a house on a shitty foundation. Shiny and nice on the outside, waiting to fail and collapse on the inside. 

What are the odds of enjoying a meditation when you can't stand being alone with yourself? About the same as writing something positive and transformational in that journal you bought but only used three times.

Taking care of ourselves both physically and mentally should be easy and something we are lit up about doing.

It's not something you should feel paralyzed with research and information to do. 

By embracing a proactive approach to your mental and physical health, you establish tools and practices that fit your life. That YOU benefit from. That you ENJOY!

Once you clear up the noise in your head and learn how, practices (yes even meditations and journaling) can fulfil and motivate you instead of being something you dread because you were told you had to do just to "fix yourself". 

I’ve seen so many first responders go from frustrated and resentful about being "broken" and numbed out, turn into switched on rockstars who are in love with their life and careers.

I find what works for you and forget about the rest.

You will be challenged.


It will be simple

It will be fun

And you will walk away living life the way you've envisioned, with a toolbox capable of overcoming whatever your crazy career can throw at you.


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