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 10 Weeks   

A Lifetime of Benefits


About as far from your department forced health and wellness training as you can get. You won't find generic tick boxes and policy covering topics here. 

What you will find is a program designed to build connection, and a foundation of applicable knowledge to not just survive the rest of your career, but to thrive throughout it.  

Tired of feeling numb, tired, and disconnected? You will learn to cultivate awareness, effectively manage and mitigate stress, and take your relationships to another level while creating a new and sustainable mindset.

As a first responder you know the statistics. It's time to get proactive and invest in yourself!

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"Just chatting with like minded guys, who also have kids, work stressful jobs, and so on. That was HUGE. They all brought up issues that were exactly the same as mine and it made me feel I wasn’t alone in the struggle!"

      Cole - Police Officer


Setting the base for you to thrive upon. It's easy to make temporary changes, but you don't want temporary. You will:

  • Make agreements
  • Build connection
  • Establish true integrity with yourself, and learn how to use it as your foundation


Get out of your head, and stop the cycles of analyzing, judging, and avoiding. You will learn to:

  • Recognize and identify emotion in your body  
  • Establish a healthy relationship with emotions instead of continuously bypassing them
  • Keep yourself from getting "stuck"


Breakthrough what has held you back and focus in on what you truly desire. You will:

  • Identify self limiting behaviours/habits and leave them behind
  • Build confidence
  • Get out of the victim mentality once and for all


Coffee and Red Bull work, but you don't need to rely on them. You will learn to:

  • TRULY relax and recharge
  • Utilize easily available modalities like cold exposure training, breath, and movement
  • Identify where you are leaking energy in your life, and how to stop it so you come home from your shift engaged and fulfilled vs distant and checked out.


It's healthy, critical to embrace, and sure as hell isn't toxic. You will:

  • Explore the archetypes that represent a healthy man and woman
  • Learn what connection really is
  • Become the leader and role model that your world deserves


The job is not the reason why you struggle to connect and grow with your partner. You will learn:

  • How to connect deeply and authentically
  • Communication tools that can be utilized anytime, whether it's after the worst shift of your block, or during the best day of your life
  • How to dissolve conflict like a pro


The best defence is a good offence. This is where you learn how to get proactive when it comes to wellness. You will:

  • Learn multiple practices to use in any circumstance
  • Quit reacting to your stressors and begin acting on them to become truly resilient
  • Find out what practices resonate with you the most, and how to best implement them


The work doesn't end when the program ends. You will:

  • Integrate what you have absorbed throughout the program
  • Celebrate! Fully embrace your growth, and the direction that you are going
  • Be damn proud of yourself

"The Nine8 course was an awesome experience for me. This course has provided me with the tools I needed to not only recognize my own triggers and behaviours but to positively change my behaviour in a matter of minutes. The course is easily digestible and has allowed me to significantly improve communications with my wife and kids. I think the 98 course is something that every first responder should take. Whether you're struggling or not, these tools will help you deal with the emotional strain that our jobs put us through."

      Colin - Police Officer

The Nine8 Program Includes


10 Weekly - 90 minute live video sessions (recorded and uploaded to the members page if you're on shift and can't make it live)

1/1 Breakthrough session

Private access to supplemental material including guided breath work, meditation, and movement practices

Guest Q/A sessions with experts in fitness, wellness, and relationship

Lifetime access to monthly Nine8 calls/meetups  

Fixed price for future Nine8 programs 

Discounted 1/1 coaching packages to dive deeper upon completion of the program.


Schedule a call to explore the program in depth and reserve your spot!



"The Nine8 Program really pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way. I felt a real connection with the other members and it was reassuring to learn that a lot of my issues were experienced by the other guys as well. Kyle is extremely knowledgeable and provided a lot of tools that I’ve used to feel more relaxed and centred. I highly recommend Kyle and the Nine8 program"

      Trevor - Police Officer

Program Leader


Aside from being a full time police officer, I also have experience working as a Primary Care Paramedic with the BC Ambulance Service and served with a volunteer fire department. I am a certified holistic lifestyle coach, mindset coach, and have mentored under world renowned leaders in mens work, and health and wellness.

My mission is to transform first responder health and wellness from the current fear based and reactive approach, to one that is both empowered and proactive.   




Q. As a shift worker, I'm worried I won't be able to attend the live sessions. 

A. No problem, all sessions will be recorded and available for viewing in the Nine8 member site that day. The sessions are based on a flexible schedule taking all participants shift patterns into account. A private messing app is also utilized for regular communication within the group.

Q. Is this private? I've never been part of a group like this before. 

A. The integrity and trust of the group is of the utmost importance and an agreement is made prior to Module 1. What is shared by members during sessions is not to be discussed outside of the group. Any variance from this will result in the participant's immediate removal from the program.

Q. I want to join, but I just can't afford it right now.

A. DO NOT let financial constraints hold you back from participating. Flexible payment plans and sponsorships are available.

Q. What will be expected of me during the program?

A. Effort and commitment to the group. This program is designed to provide accountability, motivation, and support. You will go as far as YOU are willing to go!


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“I looked forward to every session and found them really motivating. I think all first responders need to take The Nine8. I’m glad I did!”

      Daniel - Paramedic



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